E11 Probability of Relationship Success in 3 Minutes

Season #1

Do you build habits of love and trust with your others? 

We think great relationships don’t just happen. They’re actually the result of practicing vulnerability and honesty in the sunshine so you can weather the storm. 

This week, we’ll listen to an Instagram reel as Dan Harris interviews Julie and John Gottman (@gottmaninstitute ) on the @tenpercenthappier podcast.

They’re talking about how the first three minutes of an argument can be a predictor of the future of the relationship. They also go on to explain what those first three minutes should look like to benefit the relationship instead of damage it. 

We love what they have to say and have some further suggestions that we think make their suggestions work even better. 

Listen in as we unpack these concepts:  

  • ✅ Training, intentionality, and practice are required in a neutral setting 
  • Getting in the habit of trusting each other with each other’s feelings through practice 
  • ✅ The Gottman’s helpful formula: I’m feeling ____ about ____. Would you please ____? 
  • ✅ Relationships need some groundwork laid before conflicts can even be helpful

Our next plan is to read their new book, Fight Right. If you want to join us, let us know! Maybe we should start a book club?

We referenced our recent podcast on Conflict – check it out!

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