"I Feel Loved When..."


An interactive adventure for cultivating healthy relationships


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Why Should I Go to the IFLoW Weekend Workshop?

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The Details

  • WHY: For you and your Co-Heart to...¬†¬†Uncover what makes you each feel loved, respected, honored, overjoyed. Sus out the stories that activate behaviors and felt needs. Cultivate personal disciplines that elevate the soul. Inform and strengthen each other to actively serve and bless one another. Practice loving and creative confrontation.

  • WHO:¬†Pairs of people ("Co-Hearts!") aged 16 or older such as:¬†spouse, friend, sibling, parent / child, fianc√©, boyfriend / girlfriend, roommate, coworker, etc.

  • WHAT:¬†An immersive experience for EVERYONE, regardless of your relationship status. Experiential, interactive adventure with engaging exercises, group discussions, and real-world scenarios that'll have you laughing, learning, and growing together.
  • COST: $100 per pair of people (covers all materials, food, AND childcare!)
  • WHERE:¬†Hope Chapel, Austin, TX¬†
  • WHEN:¬†July 26-27 (Friday, 6-8:30p and Saturday 8:30a-4:30p)
  • FOLLOW UP¬†SESSIONS:¬†Additional teaching and practice on the next four Wednesday evenings - July 31, August 7, 14, and 21.

Jason & Mandy

Through all the many practical exercises, we learned to love each other better & more effectively.

Tad & Amy

Cosmo and Suzi are masterful at giving the subject matter a new twist - we got a very helpful shift in our perspectives.

Dom & Kathleen

Cosmo and Suzi's material helped open lines of communication between us and in how we communicate with others.

Fill in the blank: "I Feel Loved When _____" 


Do you know what makes you feel blessed? Respected? Appreciated? Loved?

Do you know how to communicate those things to others in a healthy way?


We'll help you figure it out!

The Unfolding Story of YOU

Following the map below, we'll explore the joy of telling the stories of who God created us to be. Each stop will include teaching, practice, activities, and coaching to make sure you walk away with a thorough understanding of each topic. 

I Want To Tell My Story!

How Will We Spend Our Time?

During the weekend, we will split our time equally between three areas:

  Teaching and Coaching

Cosmo & Suzi will guide participants through the material using real-world scenarios and personal stories

Co-Heart Collab

Participants will spend time in personal reflection and discussing concepts with the "Co-Heart" they came with

Application Activity

Participants will apply what they are learning through fun and engaging activities and games for all ages


"It was very useful to learn about how to manage my own expectations in the relationship and compare that to what scripture says."


"Not only did we learn a lot of great content, but we also got to do it in the moment, feel comfortable with it, and leave with even better understanding than we started with."


"The class offers incredible opportunities - many that I have never seen before - to do some interactive and transformative activities."

Fun stuff to look forward to

at each gathering:

Immersive Experience 

You'll be fully engaged with your senses and emotions, in a safe and deeply interactive environment.

Interactive Exercises

You are invited to actively engage, participate, and collaborate, rather than just hear theories.

Group Discussions 

Engage with your co-heart and others to share ideas, opinions, and perspectives on particular topics.

Practical Teaching

Hear about real-world scenarios that'll have you laughing, learning, and growing together.

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Video Testimonials

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Meet Your Coaches

(aka Adventure Guides)



Our vision is to see Christians walking in the fullness of who God created them to be and to be so anchored to the truth of God's Word that they go out into the world and affect change in their circles of influence. 

Cosmo and Suzi attend Hope Chapel in Austin, TX. Cosmo served as the college pastor for four years. Suzi has served in the Women's, Connections, and Children's Ministries. 

Since 2017, Cosmo and Suzi have served as Teaching Leaders for Bible Study Fellowship in the Austin Young Adult Class.

Frequently Asked Questions

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