E03 Embrace the Fray: Viewing Conflict as a Pathway to Mutual Understanding

Season #1

Tips and Tools for Christian Relationships

If you are seeking wisdom and understanding about conflict and how to properly deal with conflict when it comes your way, then this is the episode for you. This episode is all about conflict!  It then shares a personal story about the different conflict resolution approaches the hosts were raised with, and  now.

The problem is that in conflict, we often just seek to get our own way rather than understand each other. We expect to agree, but disagreements inevitably happen. The question is how to maintain relationships amidst conflict and how to aim toward having a shared goal

Worldly solutions to conflict are to either avoid conflicts completely or aggressively relish in them to "win." Both can damage relationships. We share some personal stories illustrating how avoiding or pushing actually increases and prolongs conflicts.

This episode presents some of our "soul-anchored solutions", one of which is to change expectations about conflict and to see it as an opportunity. The goal becomes solving problems together through perspective sharing and understanding on both sides. It is so important to openly discuss what matters and why.

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At the end of the episode, we give some practical activities. Learn how friends, couples and co-workers can set aside weekly meeting times to discuss conflicts. This allows for thoughtful, calm sharing of botherances. Let us know how our practical conflict resolution tips work for you!