Transform Your Marriage

Sep 08, 2021

We have lots of conversations with people who want to transform their marriage. Too many of us have marriages that are “average” or just “ok” or maybe even “ho-hum.”

This is not the vibrant relationship we desire! What happened to the dream of an exceptional marriage with an unshakable foundation anchored in Jesus Christ? The one that frees us to soar through the adventurous lives for which we were created? How do we get there?

We get there through transformation, which takes place as a result of focus combined with commitment combined with consistency.

Our goal is to help people transform their marriage into something truly remarkable. And the truth is, transformation doesn’t take a lot of time all-at-once. Rather it takes small amounts of time invested consistently over time.

It takes focus.

It takes commitment.

It takes consistency.

But these aren’t flash-in-the pan, 15-minutes-of-fame type concepts.

Focus is a rare commodity in our “pay attention to this,” “watch this 10-second clip,” “multi-tasking is the only way” world.

Commitment keeps you steadfast on your why, but not always clear on your how.

Consistency is proven out only over the course of expenditure of time and energy.

Focus + Commitment + Consistency = Transformation

Easy formula to write, but hard to do.

We’re here to help!

You’re here because you want to transform your marriage from whatever it is today to something truly remarkable.

All it takes is a little time, a little commitment, and a little consistency.
And we mean “little” in terms of quantity, NOT in terms of quality.

You just need a few minutes every day to bring about transformation.
But those few minutes have to be laser-focused and intentional.

We create Micro Date Nights, videos, and courses that are all designed to help you get focused, committed, and consistent in your efforts to create your remarkable marriage.

Stick with us and you’ll surely see the transformation you desire!


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