E14 True or False: The Best Relationships Include Mind Reading

Season #1

True or False? The Best Relationships Include Mind Reading


Even if you really care about someone and know them very well, you will NOT always know what they are thinking, much less what they need. 

This is the second episode in our myth-busting series where we break down the difference between the world's attitude and expectations of relationships versus the Soul Anchored view.

You'll learn that in the world's economy, it's great and expected for you to be in relationships to get from others. When it gets hard (like when you have disagreements, feel disconnected, struggle communicating, experience hurt feelings), it’s ok to just give up / walk away. And “Chemistry” is something you either have or you don’t. 

But in Soul-Anchored Relationships, you approach any relationship with two goals in mind: 

  1. Getting to know the other person
  2. Letting the other person get to know you

This opens the door to authenticity and curiosity. We get to be curious about others by asking questions about how things make them feel, what they think, etc. And they reciprocate so that can both be known and understood. 

In this episode we bust the myth that "In good relationships, you can read one another’s minds."

This concept often masquerades as the most ridiculous statement, ever:

“If you loved me, you would just know…”

We talk about how this mentality: 

  • Dishonors the other person
  • Creates a false narrative that I always know what it is I want
  • Ignores the beauty of communication that uncovers wants and needs
  • Manipulates the other person

Have you believed this relationship myth - consciously or subconsciously? What can you do to make sure you've busted it in your mind so it doesn't creep into your relationships? 

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