E12 Offering Options to Overcome Overwhelm

Season #1

Helpful options to offer when someone is in need.

How many of us know how difficult it is to articulate what you need, especially when you’re experiencing a lot of emotions about a situation or find yourself in a difficulty? 

This week, we’ll listen to an Instagram reel from Ilana (@ilanadegann). She’s demonstrating how to help someone who’s in need. 

In our efforts to show compassion, we sometimes unwittingly increase a person’s burden by an open-ended, “What do you need?” But in this reel, it's suggested that we offer 3 options to someone who’s “not doing great” due to some sort of difficulty by asking which of the three they want:  

  1. to talk about it 
  2. a distraction
  3. some space

And in offering these, we need to be prepared with the time and energy to actually do them. Are you prepared to be an active listener and ask good questions? Do you have some distractions in mind like going for a walk or going to a movie? Is it going to hurt your feelings if they want to be left alone? 

Ideas for beneficial distractions: 

  • Go for a walk
  • Watch a movie
  • Play a game
  • Read a book together
  • Watch funny videos
  • Throw a disc 

Cosmo suggested two additional options if the above three don’t seem to fit : 

  • to be treated the same as normal 
  • help finding professional assistance

Warning: This episode is full of teasers for future episodes! Let us know what you want us to talk about next… Problem Solving Skills, Praying Without Preaching, or something else entirely! 

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