E10 "None Shall Pass!" - Boundaries vs. Expectations

Season #1

Did you know that you are the only person who can cross a boundary you have established? 

There is a lot of confusion around what it means to set a boundary.

Can you cross my boundary? Nope.

Is my boundary for you? Nope.

Can you and I have an agreement (with consequences if broken)? Yep.

Are boundaries and expectations the same thing? Nope.

We're investigating another Instagram Reel again this week from Nick Pollard (@thepeopledispleaser) titled "Setting Boundaries with Other People is Impossible."  

Listen in as we unpack these concepts:  

  • ✅ Why setting boundaries with other people is impossible
  • ✅ What are boundaries and what aren't they? 
  • ✅ A formula from Nick Pollard's free PDF: When people {INSERT ACTION}, I feel {INSERT FEELING}, so when that happens, I will choose to {INSERT ACTION YOU WILL TAKE}
  • ✅ How having a Christian worldview dictates universal boundaries
  • ✅ How to handle convictions (aka personal boundaries)

We have mentored a number of couples and friends in relationship to boundaries. There are a lot of misconceptions about it, so in order to create and maintain healthy relationships, we need to dig in and get clear on this concept. 

We've made a great start on today's episode!

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