E09 Words Matter (aka the episode where Cosmo calls Suzi out! 😅)

Season #1

Your words matter, so choose them wisely. 

But remember, you can't always predict how they'll be received... 

We're investigating another Instagram Reel again this week! 

In today’s episode, we started with listening to an Instagram Reel from Jefferson Fisher (@jefferson_fisher) about the ripple effect of kind words and ran with it! You’ll get to listen in as Suzi and Cosmo hash through a situation we went through just last night and how we both had to choose to respond in the Spirit instead of reacting in the flesh. (It starts off with Cosmo sounding like he’s outing Suzi for her bad behavior…but turns into a really great learning opportunity! 🥹) Good times! 

You’ll also hear us talk about: 

  • ✅ The reality that communication is more than words – it includes tone, body language, silence, etc. 
  • ✅ How positive interactions can have an Oxytocin effect – so that's why we want to respond in the ultimate positive way…that is, like Christ! 
  • ✅ Reacting in the flesh versus responding in the Spirit
  • ✅ How communication starts with the first vibration of your soul, which is based in your conscious or unconscious beliefs
  • ✅ The goodness of speaking Truth, BUT recognizing that even the Truth spoken gently and in love can cause a cascade of negative ripples due to the hearer feeling judged by it

We loved it this episode because it really was a great culmination of what we teach about IFLoWs™(I Feel Loved When Statements), storytelling, finding your why and belief, communication styles, and more.

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