E07 Trigger Happy: Owning BOTH My Good & "Triggered" Behaviors

Season #1

Can you be held responsible for your reactions to triggers? 

This week we’re taking a departure from our normal format to change it up for you guys and see what you think! 

We love to ponder quotes, stories, scenes, and the like to process information and talk about life and the world around us. We do this as a back-door way to uncover and talk about our core values and beliefs through evaluating someone else’s thoughts, behaviors, or stories instead of our own. This allows us to get really honest … without exposing ourselves! 

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming or too vulnerable to identify our personal core values. We think we have to get the language just right and have a full understanding of them in order to really think about them and how we apply them in our lives. 

BUT when someone else’s story strikes us in a certain way, it can hint at our own core belief. 

And we take the time to analyze those stories, It’s the difference between: 

“This resonates with me!! Let’s unpack it together and figure out why it resonates with me and how we can apply it together” 

Versus “This resonates with me! Gee, I wish you’d be more like this person who just gets me.”

This process helps me know myself better, beyond just “this feels right to me”  – it helps us figure out why so we can communicate that with our others and uncover those things that make us feel loved, appreciated, understood, etc.

In today’s episode, we’re listening to an Instagram Reel from a guy named Nick Pollard - @ThePeopleDispleaser. He titled this reel “How I have beaten all my triggers.” 

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