E05 Personality Assessments: Garbage or Gold?

Season #1

The Power and Pitfalls of Personality Assessments 🤔

“You cannot have healthy relationships without self clarity. I think [personality assessments are] great and helpful tools, but the gospel of Christ is what has transformed my life” - paraphrased quote from Jesse Eubanks

We love personality assessments here at Soul Anchoring because we think they can be hugely beneficial for developing and maintaining healthy Christian relationships! BUT we don’t see them as perfect or flawless. In fact the problem that we see with them is that they can

  • overly simplify complex humans
  • be limiting if we lean into them too far
  • be manipulated by our choosing responses to fit who we think we should be
  • be commercialized and therefore use for monetary gain 

In short, assessments cannot fully capture the complexity of human personalities.

The world’s solution is to zealously defend one assessment, use assessments to excuse behaviors or manipulate others, reluctantly accept assessments as deterministic, or reject them entirely. Assessments are often trends and require self-awareness to be accurate.

Our Soul-Anchored Solution is to see them as useful tools – to use them, not let them use you. They are great for

  • ✅ improving self-awareness
  • ✅ deepening communication
  • ✅ aiding in career guidance
  • ✅ leading to win-win conflict resolution
  • ✅ fostering personal growth

Understanding yourself and others aids in loving, serving, and problem solving. Assessments provide perspective but the gospel of Jesus Christ is what transforms lives.

As always, we close with Something to Try and this time we recommend that you try the Love Languages assessment. It powerfully impacts relationships and helps you understand and speak the language of the others in your life. You can take the assessment for free at 5lovelanguages.com.

So, enjoy learning more about yourself and others through personality assessments, keeping in mind that it’s important to do so with the right intent - to humble oneself, bless others, and glorify God.

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