You Are Important, Just Like Elvis

"I never expected to be anybody important." ~Elvis Presley ||

I always love it when there is a little crack in the persona that a person projects that allows others to see a tiny bit into who that person really is. The heart of them. A glimpse of who God created them to be - a little flawed, a little broken, but also available to receive God's grace.

I was never a huge Elvis fan; I didn't dislike him, I just really have no opinion. I do think he was forging his own path in the world that many others followed. I think he arrived at a unique point in history where his "outlandish" performances excited some and appalled others and brought change throughout society. But his persona was always one of performing and making the girls swoon. He portrayed a person who believed he really was "all that." He swaggered and hip-swayed with confidence and self-assurance, belting out catchy tunes with memorable lyrics.

That's why I love this quote by him. He never thought he'd be anybody important? There is humility in it and a hint of how small many of us believe ourselves to be.

But you are important - every one of us is. We are important to the people in our lives - family, friends, even acquaintances, to a degree. But most of all, you are important to God. The Creator of all things carefully knit you together in your mother's womb. You were important from the day you were born.