DIY: Reuse Leftover Items to Organize / Display Bracelets

DIY Bracelet Organization ||

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I have a lot of bracelets. I'm a huge fan of everything from leather wraps to shiny Swarovski crystals to simple silver hearts to freshwater pearls. And I love to layer them so there's almost always a party of pretty on my arm. 

But having a lot of bracelets means it can sometimes be difficult to know what I have because they usually end up piled up on one, long shelf. And when one gets shoved to the bottom of the pile, it gets neglected and forgotten about. Not to mention the fact that the shelf itself gets very dusty, but it's too much trouble to take each individual bracelet off the shelf to dust it. 

DIY Bracelet Organization + Display ||

So, last Saturday, it was way too hot outside to do anything productive in my yard, so I decided to make my bracelet shelf into something lovely with a little DIY bracelet organization and display project. 

The shelf my bracelets live on is part of the set up Cosmo helped me build for my scarves. I also have a lot of scarves. I'll do a DIY post about that sometime, too... And then I'll do the one for my earrings. Yes, I have a lot of earrings. 

Step One: Supply List

  • Organza and / or Cotton drawstring bags
  • Shredded paper
DIY Bracelet Organization + Display ||

Step Two: Getting Ready

I had these little drawstring bags in various places around my house. Some were leftover from party favors for a Baby Shower, some were the bag my leather wrap bracelets came in from BeWee, some had samples in them from my BeautyCounter consultant. I gathered them all up and determined that I did not need to go buy more - score one for reusing and recycling! I had three different sizes - 4x6 (the blue organza ones), 3x5 (the cotton ones), and 2.75x3.75 (the green organza ones).

Don't have any Organza Bags lying around the house? Click here to find what you need!
DIY Organize / Display Bracelets ||

Next I went to my shredder (another point for recycling!). I started stuffing the shredded paper into one of the bags. I stuffed some in and then shoved my fingers into the corners. Then I stuffed in some more and then some more and then more than I thought it would hold! I wanted them to be quite firm. 

After filling a couple of the bags with the white shredded paper, which had words and such on it, I decided to shred some thin, brown craft or packing paper for a more consistent look. I liked this a lot in the blue organza bags where you could actually see the paper. I think the brown paper without words just looked cleaner, but I like both!  

Step Three: Put It All Together

DIY Organize / Display Bracelets ||

After I stuffed way more paper than I thought I'd be able to get into those tiny bags, I grabbed my bracelets off the shelf. I like to put them together according to color and how I might actually wear them, so I had some fun with that for a little while. 

The blue organza bags were larger and a perfect fit for my triple wrap leather bracelets. The smaller cotton bags were almost too small, so I improvised by putting tighter bracelets on the bottom so the others could rest on top. I also used these smaller ones for my freshwater pearl stretch bracelets from my wonderful mother-in-law. The cotton bags were small enough for me to slide the stretch bracelets on without the elastic being in a stretched position. I ended up not using the small green bags. They were super-cute, but way too tiny.

Step Four: Finished Project

My little bracelet display bags went right back on the shelf, but they could easily be lined up in a drawer or even hung from hooks. 

Here's the before and after. What do you think? 

DIY Bracelet Organization + Display ||